NeoMet Engineering offers a range of Professional Services geared to help our clients deliver projects in a safe, efficient and practical manner to the highest standards.


Project Management

NeoMet personnel are very well qualified to provide project management services to our clients. We have expertise in study management, testwork program management and capital project management. The NeoMet approach is focussed on achieving the project outcomes within the scope, budget and terms of reference applicable to the project. The vast majority of NeoMet work is a project of some form or another allowing us to flex our model as required to suit the size of project and client requriements.

Metallurgical Test work

NeoMet metallurgists are comfortable designing drill hole and sample locations, test work schema and interfacing with laboratory service providers to execute the plans. NeoMet metallurgists are intimately involved in the entire process from sample design / selection through to logistics management and sample receipt at the testing facility to ensure maximum sample integrity. We work with a range of laboratories and prefer ISO accredited facilities.

NeoMet metallurgists have worked with clients in designing and operating pilot scale process plants to confirm process test work scalability providing full scale design criteria.

Our Metallurgists will provide verbal and written reports detailing interpretations of the test work findings and importantly, offer suggestions on the next steps to continue to add value to your projects.

Technical Marketing

NeoMet Engineering has a solid foundation in technical marketing support to iron ore companies. Our approach is to focus on the technical differentiators of each and every product and target marketing campaigns to capitalise on these differentiators.

NeoMet have successfully managed and provided technical support to iron ore marketing campaigns both domestically and internationally. NeoMet will scope and manage all necessary test work required to support an iron ore marketing campaign, whether it is a new iron ore product or a step change in an existing product with established offtake.

A solid technical understanding of the product is critical to any marketing campaign and therefore forms the basis of the NeoMet approach to mineral commodity marketing. Through our partners at Ferrum Consultants, we have access to a worldwide network of iron ore and other commodity experts.

Metallurgical Process Audits

NeoMet metallurgists have extensive multi commodity operating experience to draw upon to provide process audits and design reviews with a strong focus on operational efficiencies and quality control whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety.

Metallurgical process audits take many forms, from desktop and process data reviews to site audits. NeoMet are involved in all facets of the range of metallurgical process audits from design to execution and close out. Our metallurgists will provide comprehensive reports and analysis with recommendations and risk assessments as required by clients.

Technical Due Diligence

Due Diligence is a critical part of any development or investment decision. NeoMet is here to help you through this process. Our due diligence services are utilised in a range of activities including annual process audits to satisfy Joint Venture accounting requirements, shareholder monitoring of project development, operational readiness and ramp up and investment decision analysis.

Our technical due diligence service offering covers desktop reviews, market research, competitior analysis and site based reviews.

Technology Evaluation

NeoMet Engineering has performed several benchmarking evaluations of new and existing technology’s and is able to utilise our in house expertise to aid our clients in securing the best technology and vendors for their projects and operations.

We focus on the technology’s ability to achieve its stated objectives (accuracy, up time, cycle time etc) in a range of operating conditions and correlate the technology’s capability against client requirements. We are also able to provide reviews and audits on the physical implementation methods recommended by the technology provider to ascertain the appropriateness to our clients operations.

NeoMet has also conducted vendor evaluations on behalf of clients considering developing new or modifying an existing technology to better suit their needs. With the assistance of NeoMet, clients are able to better consider the suitability of specific vendors in these sometimes high value and high risk work areas.