Metallurgical Test Work

NeoMet metallurgists are experienced in all facets of metallurgical testwork and development programs from:coretrays

  • designing metallurgical drill hole locations;
  • designing sample collection processes and plans;
  • developing test work schema;
  • interfacing with laboratory service providers to execute the plans and
  • turning laboratory results into meaningful business support information.

Samples are the most critical part of any metallurgical testwork program. NeoMet metallurgists are intimately involved in the entire process from sample design / selection through to logistics management and sample receipt at the testing facility to ensure  maximum sample integrity. We work with a range of laboratories and prefer ISO accredited facilities.

NeoMet metallurgists have worked with clients in designing and operating pilot scale process plants to confirm process testwork scalability. The outputs and findings from pilot scale testing provide significant risk reductions when utilised in plant scale design criteria.

iron_ore_on_conveyorProcess improvement and operational efficiencies are increasingly important to the mineral industry. NeoMet metallurgists have extensive operational backgrounds across a range of process types and are able to manage or support your efficiency and optimisation projects.

Our Metallurgists will provide verbal and written reports detailing interpretations of the test work findings and importantly, offer suggestions on the next steps to continue to add value to your projects.

Some of our recent projects have been focused on Iron Ore, Magnetite, Titanomagnetite, Vanadium, Gold and Potash.