Technical Marketing

blast-furnace-1NeoMet Engineering has a solid foundation in providing technical marketing support to iron ore companies with several successful campaigns completed over recent years.

NeoMet has managed market development campaigns for junior and aspiring iron ore producers which have been critical inputs to securing funding for project development.

Technical evaluation of any commodity for markets is the basis of providing a sound marketing program and allows the producer to differentiate their products from others whilst targetting the marketing campaign to buyers who are able to leverage the highest value in use of the product.

NeoMet has contacts within both Australian and Chinese research facilties who are capable of completing all necessary technical evalautions of iron ores.

NeoMet will scope and manage all necessary test work required to support an iron ore marketing campaign, whether it is a new iron ore product or a step change in an existing product with established offtake.

NeoMet Engineering are able to provide technical representation on your behalf to your customers in the event of a dispute relating to cargo quality or contamination. Our experts are available to travel to the load or discharge port and investigate any aspects of the cargo that may have led to a non compliance.

Through our partners at Ferrum Consultants, we have access to a worldwide network of iron ore and other commodity experts.iron_ore_ship_unloading