Technology Evaluation

NeoMet Engineering has performed several benchmarking evaluations of new and existing technologies and is able to utilise our in house expertise to aid our clients in securing the best technology and vendors for their projects and operations.

Our approach to technology evaluation is a whole of lifecycle of the system approach. We focus on the technology’s ability to achieve its stated objectives (accuracy, up time, cycle time etc) in a range of operating conditions and correlate these claims against client requirements. We are also able to provide reviews and audits on the physical implementation methods recommended by the technology provider to ascertain the appropriateness to our clients operations.

In the current world of business gains through process optimisation and efficiency improvmeent, organisaitons are seeking the best in class technology that will offer them the competitive edge over their peers. NeoMet is able to evalaute both the technology and the vendor to ascertain their capability and fit to an organisation where a new or modified technology is being considered.

With the assistance of NeoMet, clients are able to better consider the suitability of specific tehcnology and vendors in these often high value and high risk work areas.arm_normal_2016-10-11-10-14-53-438