NeoMet Engineering is the provider of complete online moisture analysis solutions and overbelt mineral analysers to the mining and processing industry.

Our online moisture analysis solutions are deployed across Western Australia’s harsh Pilbara region. These analysers are providing real time moisture analysis for the control of water sprays used in ore conditioning and dust suppression

Over Belt Mineral Analysis provides real time mineral identification for use by operators to tune their process to maximise quality control and process efficiency. Over Belt Mineral Analysers allow process operators to have leading indicators to predict materials handling problems, potential quality control variations and dust events much earlier than traditional sampling and analysis systems.

Online Mineral Analysis

NeoMet in partnership with Portable Analytical Solutions offers a complete Over Belt Mineral Analysis package. The OBMA is designed for many commodities inclusive of Iron Ore, Bauxite and Gold. The OBMA measures process feeds, concentrate / product or tailings in real time to provide valuable process information which can be evaluated to support process change. The OBMA uses trusted industrialised technology currently standardised in the mineral analysis market to offer a real online solution.

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CCS3000 Moisture Analysers

NIR moisture analysis has proven to be very accurate in industrial applications. A complete online moisture analysis solution is offered by NeoMet inclusive of the CCS3000 NIR analyser, mounting arrangements and electrical junction boxes with a variety of communications protocols supported. The package allows direct connection to mine site and other industrial processing facility's control systems. NeoMet Engineering provides the solution, installation support, commissioning and calibration services.

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