NeoMet offer a complete online solution for moisture measurement in bulk commodities. The NIR moisture measurement method is non contact and measures the moisture of the moving ore stream providing instantaneous results.

NeoMet Engineering provides the MoistTech CCS3000 Near Infra Red (NIR) moisture analyser for use in operational environments to provide real time process stream moisture values to be used for process control and optimisation. The robust instrument design allows the CCS3000 to be installed over conveyor belts and operated through all weather conditions whilst providing reliable and accurate moisture data of the conveyed product.

The CCS3000 analysers are currently used for moisture monitoring in iron ore operations to activate water sprays for dust suppression and also to provide early warning of high moisture levels which can lead to chute and equipment blockages.

With low capital costs, low operating costs, simple calibration and minimal regular maintenance requirements the CCS3000 is the moisture analyser of choice for measurement of conveyed products moisture.

The NeoMet approach achieves a high accuracy solution for online moisture analysis of moving bulk solids whilst having a minimal effect on your operations for installation and commissioning.

NeoMet Engineering – an experienced NIR partner

CCS3000NeoMet Engineering have supplied, calibrated and commissioned over 50 of the CCS3000 Near Infra Red (NIR) moisture analysers for a variety of mining companies. The analysers are operating with a high level of accuracy which allows owners to optimise water addition to prevent excess dust generation whilst also preventing process blockages through early detection of overly wet ore streams.

The CCS3000 is a key enabler for process optimisation and management of precious fresh water resources which are often used for dust suppression and bulk ore conditioning.


Equipment Supply

NeoMet Engineering provides a complete working solution inclusive of :ccs3000_solution_installed

  •  CCS3000 instrument;
  •  electrical junction boxes to mine site standards;
  •  overbelt mounts and
  •  peripherals tailored to your sites requirements.

The NeoMet over belt mount provides a sturdy mount for the instrument ensuring constant positioning and optimum height of the instrument. The over belt mount also allows any time access to the instrument, therefore removing the need to isolate conveyors when the instrument undergoes its routine checks and monitoring.

The CCS3000 is capable of communicating via all current major methods including 4-20mA; Ethernet TCP/IP; RS232/485 and Profibus, providing a simple method to interface to site process control systems.
NeoMet personnel manage the procurement and fabrication processes and will also support the on site installation process to ensure the solution is installed and commissioned in accordance with all recommendations.


Calibration – offsite approach ensures a high integrity calibration

Calibration of the CCS3000 is completed at NeoMet’s Perth facility in order to minimise interruptions on site and ensure calibration is completed to the highest of standards.
Many sites have restricted sample preparation facilities and equipment which are essential to a successful calibration of the CCS3000. NeoMet have established facilities and equipment in Perth to enable a high degree of accuracy to be obtained in the calibration of the instruments. Calibration in Perth also means less contractor time on site which is an OH&S as well as cost benefit to our  clients.

NeoMet personnel will complete the calibration using client supplied samples. Calibration is a relatively simple process requiring around 50kg of sample.
When the instrument arrives on site for installation it is calibrated and ‘ready to go.’





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