Over Belt Mineral Analysis provides real time mineral identification for use by operators to dynamically tune their process to maximise quality control and process efficiency.

Over Belt Mineral Analysers allow process operators to have leading indicators to predict materials handling problems, potential quality control variations and dust events much earlier than traditional reactive sampling and analysis systems.


Online mineral analysis with over belt NIR systems

NeoMet in partnership with Portable Analytical Solutions (PAS) offers a complete Over Belt Mineral Analysis package. The OBMA is designed for many commodities inclusive of Iron Ore, Bauxite and Gold. The OBMA measures process feeds, concentrate / product or tailings in real time to provide valuable process information which can be evaluated to support process change.
The OBMA is a complete over belt, online mineral analysis solution which uses trusted industrialised technology currently standard in the mineral analysis market.

The OBMA is currently installed across multiple mine sites in Australia’s rugged Pilbara region. The OBMA supporting infrastructure has been designed to operate through all weather scenarios and is suitable for mounting over operational conveyor systems of all sizes and capacities.

The underlying mineral analysis systems are based on existing robust equipment which is widely used throughout the world. The analysis method (Near Infra Red) is simlarly well understood and widely used in the field and laboratory systems across multiple commodities.

The PAS and NeoMet partnership delivers a high integrity solution for online mineral analysis of moving bulk solids whilst having minimal effect on your operations for installation and commissioning.OBMA qs7000 analysing

Benefits of the OBMA solution

The OBMA units, when integrated to process control systems, have the ability to forewarn of potential optimisation opportunities through identifying deleterious minerals eg clays, which can affect material throughput and process efficiency.

Real time knowledge of process feed or waste stream mineral content allows dynnamic optimsation of the process and operating parameters.

Equipment Supply

The OBMA is a complete working solution inclusive of:

  • Spectral mineral mapping for the local orebody;wp_20161029_14_20_59_pro
  • ASD Terraspec Hi Res;
  • QS7000 optical head unit;
  • Control software;
  • Industrial enclosures;
  • Over belt mounting arrangements (complete engineered solution) and
  • Peripherals tailored to each site.

NeoMet and PAS personnel are available to attend site for design and all stages through to commissioning.

Our engineering and fabrication partners ensure designs and instrument mounting systems are conformed to your required standards.

Project Management

The NeoMet and PAS partnership provides complete project management for delivery and commissioning of the OBMA solution. The process commences with a pre-purchase site visit which leads into design, procurement and fabrication of the system inclusive of the mounting arrangements. Installation is typically coordinated by the site to ensure the highest OH&S requirements are met.

NeoMet and PAS personnel are present on site for the installation and subsequent commissioning of the system.

Optional development items include calibration data modelling using existing ore types from the client; output data modelling to meet client systems requirements; control software  customisation and service and support packages tailored to each sites requirements.


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